Seafood Dining in Delaware

Delaware's oceans and bays delight diners looking for the fresh seafood. And while some local seafood restaurants are loved for their creative approaches to coastal cuisine, others offer it the way it's always been in Delaware, laid-back and down home. So, roll out the brown paper, and crack open freshly steamed crabs or indulge your taste buds in a savory plate with waterfront views. These top spots for seafood dining in Delaware are sure to bring you to a coastal state of mind. 


Coastal Cuisine at its Finest
Coastal Cuisine at its Finest
Delaware has long been a top dining destination for sea-food focused travelers, so it's no surprise that the state's coastal culinary scene still delivers both creative and comforting seafood dishes enjoyed by all.
Fresh Caught Seafood
Delaware’s coastline and waterways deliver the freshest seafood around, including crab, clams, and rockfish
Enjoy Dining Outdoors
Soothing dining plus a scenic view is a must when enjoying Delaware's coastal cuisine.
Pair with a Cold Drink
Nothing compares to a pile of freshly-picked steamed crabs paired with a local craft beer.
Local Discoveries: SoDel Concepts
Local Discoveries: SoDel Concepts

Dine like a local along the culinary coast with SoDel Concepts. What started as the quintessential Delaware seafood restaurant has become an entire family of local dining spots, each with their own local flavor and twist on fresh seafood dining.

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