Rehoboth Beach

Waterfront Dining in Delaware

Summer in Delaware is a time for spending time with family and friends in places that captivate our hearts, and intrigue our taste buds with great views and an aesthetic atmosphere. With miles and miles of beautiful coastline, amazing views are just waiting to be enjoyed. Meals even seem to taste better when you’re hearing the calming ocean tide, or overlooking the golden sun setting on the coast. So, pull up a chair and savor a delicious meal overlooking the horizon at one of these waterfront restaurants.

View the below list to travel down the coastline, north to south, to find the perfect spot to enjoy a unique meal with an incredible view.

Big Fish Grill
This vibrant riverfront dining experience brings a little piece of the beach to New Castle County. Try their sushi options for a fresh and creative spin to your waterfront dining.

Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant
Iron Hill is a must try spot for discovering the most perfect pairings of indulgent food and refreshing craft beer. Try their newest burger they’ve grilled up or the latest beer on tap while appreciating their new modern chic patio design. 

Sambo’s Tavern
Sambo’s Tavern is a must stop crab spot. Dive in to the steamed crabs filled with flavor and catch a glowing sunset on the quaint riverside.

JP's on the Wharf
JP’s serves traditional meals that warm your heart and provides a home sweet home atmosphere. Serving steamed seafood, fresh catches of the day, and even ice cream this Bowers Beach spot is a sweet summer experience.

Grain On the Rocks
Take a bite into one of the best plates of crab fries on the bay as you watch the Cape May-Lewes Ferry slice through the ocean waves. This laid back restaurant is the perfect place to satisfy your hunger on a long summer day.

Victoria's Restaurant
Rehoboth Beach
Enjoy a quiet morning by the boardwalk at Victoria’s Restaurant. The Victorian atmosphere is accompanied by mouth-watering brunch options including Cinnamon Bread French toast, and salmon croissants.

Obie’s by the Sea
Rehoboth Beach
Eating beach fries, under a cabana, by the boardwalk. Can you picture a more relaxing scene? Obie’s by the Sea makes for a cool spot to simply hang out and enjoy the beach vibes.

Bluecoast Seafood Grill
Rehoboth Beach
Bluecoast is a cozy and simple spot serving fresh seafood and indulgent meals. Their spiced seared tuna on a bed of fresh vegetables looks almost too good to eat!

Rusty Rudder
Dewey Beach
Grab your friends and dance the night away at a show at the Rusty Rudder. Nestled right against the bay this Dewey restaurant makes for a night you won’t forget

Paradise Grill
Paradise Grill takes you on a tropical getaway that is fun for all ages. Whether it’s dancing with your toes in the sand and a drink in your hand or playing backyard games. Snacking on a warm bread bowl overflowing with creamy crab dip or taking in the scenery while enjoying baked lobster mac & cheese. Everyone can find there piece of paradise here!

Big Chill Beach Club
North Bethany Beach
The bright colors and lights at Big Chill Beach Club make for a fun and picturesque evening. Stay on the deck to watch the sun set over the Indian River Inlet for that perfect golden hour moment.  Baskets of casual yet so savory food make for a great finishing touch.

99 Sea Level
Ocean View
Looking to try something new in a casually elegant and romantic atmosphere? Take a seat at 99 Sea Level and be surrounded by windows that give a clear view of the horizon lighting up the sky.

Catch 54
Savor crispy fried calamari with a juicy Bloody Mary at this rustic spot on the bay. Overlooking the endless views of greens and blues Catch 54 is the perfect place to taste great food with an even better view.

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