Events & Festivals

From outdoor festivals to local events, there's plenty happening in the state of Delaware to suit any taste in adventure, no matter what time of the year.

Festivals and Events to Remember
Festivals and Events to Remember
Head out with friends to enjoy sunny skies, fun, and food that can only be found in this exact place and time. No matter your interests, Delaware's local festivals offer a special sort of charm and warmth you'll always remember.
Flavorful Food Festivals
Taste your way through the state in search of Delaware's most unique foodie-centric festivals.
Local Artisans on Display
Whether you’re into jazz, jewelry, or gardening, Delaware has a festival or event for you.
A Festival for Each Season
Even as the seasons change, Delaware offers up festivals and events keeping you entertained year-round.
Firefly Music Festival
Firefly Music Festival

The Woodlands in Dover, Delaware are transformed every year into the Firefly Music Festival. People gather together for this four-day festival, camp out and enjoy sets from some of the best bands in the nation.

Celebrate with Festivals and Events

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