Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge Birding

Delaware Birds & Where to Find Them

Throughout the year birdwatching enthusiasts gather to observe the state’s many bird species in their natural habitats. And with over four hundred species living and migrating in Delaware, there is a good reason why the American Birding Association has found a home here.

Heron by Elliot Macguire
Spring Bird Eggs in Nest
BlackNeckedStilt Bird
  • Migratory Birds : Delaware’s location along the coast makes it a prime location for a whole host of migratory birds. In Northern Delaware you’ll find migrating birds throughout Brandywine Creek State Park, while in Central Delaware you can observe thousands of migrating birds along the boardwalk trail or by car on their 12-mile Auto Tour trail.
  • Herons : Found throughout coastal Delaware you’ll commonly find herons, but if you travel to Fort Delaware on Pea Patch Island in Northern Delaware, you’ll be treated to the largest gatherings of Heron north of Florida.
  • Woodpeckers : While woodpeckers are year-round and fairly common among the more residential areas of the state, the not-common redheaded woodpecker can be found amongst the 44 miles of trail at Redden State Forest.
  • Hawks : Although Cape Henlopen State Park has great birdwatching year-round, the fall season is perfect for observing hawks. The park has a watching platform that operates seven days a week, from September to November.
  • Eagles : Eagles are among the few birds of prey that call Delaware home year-round and can be found in the marsh lands of Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge and Prime Hook State Park, as well as Nanticoke Wildlife Area which sees about two hundred bald eagles winter every year.
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