Lums Pond State Park

Fishing in Delaware

The memories will stay with you: Driving out onto the ocean beach loaded up with poles, tackle and bait, finding the right surf-fishing spot as the sun peeks over the horizon. Motoring across the bay with the breeze in your hair and the spray in your face, heading for the perfect fishing spot. Standing out on an ocean jetty as the waves break at your feet, casting into the inlet tide.

Fishing in Delaware is the kind of thing that’s easy to love, and easy to enjoy, thanks to the wide array of waterways and to Delaware’s proximity to ocean and bay. With just a short drive (or a quick boat trip), visitors can travel from river to bay to canal to the ocean. Bait shops and marinas can be found dotted all along the waterways, especially in and around the Delaware beaches and inland bays.

The adventures range from mild to even a little wild – some will find their perfect catch crabbing off a peaceful pier in the bay, others will want to head out on a twin-engine deep-sea boat to fight marlin on the ocean swells. In Delaware, you can even drive on the beach in your four-wheeler for some surf-fishing action, face-to-face with the rolling waves and salty ocean breeze. And the state parks in Delaware are decidedly fishing-friendly, whether you prefer casting from a boat or from a cozy perch by the side of the water.

For more guidance an where to go and what to catch, check out the Delaware Outdoor Trail, which features a variety of top fishing spots in Delaware.

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