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What’s in Bloom in Delaware?

Delaware’s gardens are full of bright and colorful sights to behold as they come into full bloom. Admire the many flowers and trees found in Delaware’s sprawling gardens, estates, and parks as the peak in each season throughout the year.

Azaleas at gardens
Delaware Botanic Garden aerial view
Lewes in the fall
  • Spring :
    • Azaleas pink delicate flowers are among the first to bloom, marking early Spring, and can be found in the Azalea Woods of Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library. 
    • Glory of the Snow and it's star-shaped petals. Quaker Ladies, with their pale white and light blue petals, are also early to bloom and can create a carpet-like appearance across the grounds of Mt. Cuba Center’s partially shaded gardens. 
    • Lavender grows in bushy dense foliage which you can walk through fields of at Lavender Fields in Milton.
  • Summer :
    • The Flowering Dogwood blossoms with white blooms in late-Spring and into Summer and can be found throughout White Clay Creek State Park
    • The Delaware Botanic Garden blooms brilliantly into summer with vibrant summer yellows, pinks, and the purples of petunias.
    • Summer means fields filled with repeating rows of sunflowers. Fifer’s Farm Store in Camden draws visitors from all around to capture photos while posing in front of these bright and sunny flowers.
  • Fall :
    • Late blooming asters, daisy-like perennials, showcase popular fall colors and can be found throughout northern Delaware’s gardens, including Mt. Cuba Center.
    • Chrysanthemums mark the changing of seasons at Hagley Museum and Library, offering a final splash of color before the fall harvest.
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