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What's in bloom this spring in Delaware?

Delaware’s gardens are full of sights to behold from early spring to late fall beginning with pastel petals and concluding with rich greenery and fiery leaves. Admire these flowers that call Delaware home at the sprawling gardens of Mt. Cuba, Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library and other stops across the state.


Azaleas – These delicate pink flowers are among the first blooms of the year, marking the beginning of spring. Although the flowers can be admired through the spring, the plant remains a garden staple well into the summer and fall.

  • Where to see – Follow the white arrows to the Azalea Woods of Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library to see these flowers in all their glory. A favorite of the DuPonts, azaleas were first planted on the property more than 100 years ago.

Glory of the Snow – Star-shaped petals make this light blue flower easily identifiable from white and pink flowers blooming around it.

  • Where to See – Head to the March Bank at Winterthur to see Glory of the Snow pop up, celebrating warming temperatures. If you miss the Glory of the Snow, you’ll manage to see a beautiful coating of smaller blue flowers that coat the bank as it reaches its “blue phase.”

Quaker Ladies – Pale white and light blue petals with a vibrant yellow summer define Quaker Ladies. One of the earliest bloomers, the tiny flowers grow close to the ground appearing as a beautiful carpet from a distance. 

  • Where to see – These flowers create a carpet-like appearance across the grounds of Mt. Cuba Center’s partially shaded gardens.


Great White Trillium – These full white flowers blossom in mid-spring, typically peaking in mid-May after smaller trillium. The large-flowered trillium remains a showcase of gardens for longer than its small counterparts.

Lavender – Lilac to mauve in color, the bushy, dense foliage makes the entire plant a colorful sight to behold.

  • Where to see – Lavender Fields in Milton has a wide variety of lavender blooming throughout the spring and summer. The mauve-colored English is the earliest of the blooms.


Flowering Dogwood – Beautiful all year long, the flowering dogwood blossoms with white flowers throughout the spring and summer before gaining red berries and leaves in the fall and a rich bark during winter months.

  • Where to see – The flowering dogwood is impossible to miss during a walk through White Clay Creek State Park. The blossoms stand out against the surrounding greenery.

Pink Profusion Bowman’s Root – Narrow pink petals give Bowman’s Root’s flowers a star-like appearance. It’s rich green leaves and flexible growing conditions make it an easy addition to any Delaware garden.

  • Where to see – Mt. Cuba Center is a prime spot to view this lovely flower. Check out areas exposed to full sunlight. When in doubt, read the identification tags which label the plants.

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