Penny Lane

Unique Finds

Sometimes you’re looking for that particular something that can only be found in a unique shop, somewhere off the beaten path and away from the crowds. Maybe it’s that special one-of-a kind item -- like that limited-edition, well-weathered book -- or some exclusive collectible – like a vintage purse from back in the day.

Those are times that call for a visit to the distinctly different downtown shopping districts of Delaware, where an array of specialty stores and shops are brimming with hidden gems and unique tax-free finds. 

Tucked away in Winterthur, the estate that was the former home of Henry Francis du Pont, a charming and elegant Museum Store offers DuPont-inspired home décor, books and gifts -- items that are uniquely Delaware.

In the coastal town of Rehoboth Beach, get lost in the endless discovery of gift items at the Wooden Indian, where you can find brands like Moser, Godiva, Waterford and Herend.  From hand-painted figurines to dazzling pieces by high-end designers, you can find the perfect piece of eccentric, whimsical charm in Delaware.