Travel Advisory

This year, traveling in Delaware will be different. Please take the time to plan for these changes before your trip by following these tips. The state currently remains in Phase 2 which includes capacity limitations and safety precautions. Please prepare and review what to expect when you arrive or read the FAQs below.

It is important to plan ahead and adhere to safety precautions. Face coverings are required in public places including outdoors. Strict social distancing of 6ft between anyone outside a family unit must be maintained. Please remember to stay home if you are sick. Delaware will always be here to discover later.

Make sure to review guidelines before arriving at your destination. Some locations may be operating under different capacity or require reservations. If you have questions, please complete this form and the Delaware Discovery Advisors can help with suggestions on what’s open and details on how to Explore Safely. You can also view the go-to guide for more information on travel planning.

If you are aware of coming into contact with COVID-19 here is information for testing in Delaware

For the latest on Delaware’s response and current data for COVID-19 in the state, go to


Do I have to wear a face covering?
Yes, face coverings are required in all public spaces including grocery stores, pharmacies, doctors’ offices, public transportation, parks and boardwalks. Face coverings are highly encouraged on the beach as well.

Are the Delaware beaches open?
Yes, the beaches are open. Face coverings are required on boardwalks and highly encouraged on the beaches. View beach regulations for more information. Additional measures at the beaches such as capacity restrictions in food and drink establishments to help with social distancing have been implemented. Delaware State Park beaches will have limited access. By planning ahead, it is suggested to travel in non-peak times to help ensure social distancing. Weekdays and the fall season are ideal times to visit the beaches. Please remember to stay home if you are sick. Delaware will always be here to discover later.

Are hotels/vacation rentals, etc. open?
Yes, hotels, rentals, etc. are open to out-of-state guests without quarantine. Locations are following enhanced safety and disinfecting protocol. Common areas such as; lobby, dining, etc. are at 60% capacity. It is important to remember that gatherings should be limited. Strict social distancing of 6ft between anyone outside a family unit must be maintained. Browse through listings of places to stay during your visit.

Are the restaurants and craft beverage locations open?
Food and drink establishments are open and operating at 60% capacity. Dining and craft beverage locations are following specific safety regulations. Outdoor dining has been expanded in many areas to create more air flow while dining out. Beginning Labor Day weekend, bar service is available at beach locations if the patron has a reservation, orders food and is distanced from those not in their family unit. It is strongly encouraged to wear your face covering when wait staff are taking orders or delivering food to the tables. View what to expect when dining in Delaware here

Can I go camping?
Yes. All tents, RVs, etc. must be spaced apart to allow groups to maintain social distancing.

When is the best time to visit?
Please consider traveling and visiting at non-peak times including the fall season. Popular check in times are Friday and Saturday and popular check out times are Saturday and Sunday. Consider traveling or visiting on a weekday to reduce the number of visitors you’ll encounter whether it be in the hotel lobby or lounging on the beach.

Can I shop at stores?
Yes. Retail stores are open and operating at 60% capacity. Shoppers must wear a face covering and maintain social distance in stores. There are also lots of great options for online ordering or curbside pickup options

Are museums open?
Yes, museums are open. Face coverings are required and indoor attractions have limited capacity. Guests must follow social distancing practices. We suggest viewing the museum's website, social media or giving them a call to make plans.

Freeman Stage Socially Distant ConcertAre there any events going on?
Yes, there are several COVID-19 compliant events happening throughout the state each week. Browse the Visit Delaware event calendar for information on drive-in movies, socially distanced concerts and more.

Can I take a walk outside?
Yes. It's great to get outside and enjoy the fresh air with a walk along a trail or through a park. Delaware State Parks as well as private gardens, historic estates and local parks are open. Anyone visiting a park or wildlife area is required to wear a face covering, practice social distancing and encouraged to visit during non-peak hours. The number of individuals in parks and wildlife areas may be limited if attendance prevents social distancing.

Are pools open?
Yes, pools are open and operating at 60% capacity with increased disinfecting protocol.

Are salons and spas open?
Yes, salons and spas are open and operating at limited capacity. Face coverings and appointments are required. Each station will be disinfected between clients.

How do I report a business or individual not in compliance with COVID-19 protocols?
Concerns that a business may be violating operating restrictions should be directed to: Individuals who have complaints about individuals violating public gathering restrictions should contact state or local law enforcement.

Additional Information

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