This year, traveling in Delaware will be different. Please take the time to plan for these changes before your trip by following these tips. It’s important to stay home when you’re sick and prepare for new travel precautions such as; packing face coverings, traveling in smaller groups (family units), etc.

Server wearing face mask

Review safety precautions – as COVID-19 continues to be an ever-changing situation that we must adapt to, rules will change over time so please review the most up-to-date rules and regulations to prevent any surprises.

Plan your activities – Social distancing is still in effect so review your plans to make sure that you’ve chosen activities that are both open and make social distancing possible. Check each individual business’ or location’s website or social media to see how they’re adapting to new regulations.

Make reservations – Reservations may be required at many establishments, including restaurants and historical attractions. Choose the locations you’d like to dine at or visit and check their websites to see how and when they are taking reservations.

Travel at non-peak times – Popular check-in times are Friday and Saturday and popular check out times are Saturday and Sunday. Consider traveling during the week to reduce the number of visitors you’ll encounter in common areas.

Killens pond state park

Consider alternatives to your regular plans – Take this opportunity to stay in new places and visit different attractions. Look into staying at one of these unique hotels and check out these hidden hikeshistoric destinations, and restaurants lying just off the beaten path.

Pack new necessities

  • Face covering – Many locations, including restaurants, stores, public spaces and the boardwalk, require you to wear a face covering, so please pack one that securely covers both your nose and mouth.
  • Hand sanitizer – Stay germ-free on the go when you pack hand sanitizer. Skip searching for soap and water at every stop and instead clean your hands regularly with hand sanitizer.

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  • Cleaning supplies – while hotels and rentals are required to follow stricter-than-ever cleaning procedures, bringing along some Clorox wipes or other easy-to-use cleaning supplies to clean up after yourself. Consider wiping down commonly touched items like doorknobs and remotes as you go in and out of your home away from home as you might be bringing germs with you.

Please remember to travel in small groups (your family unit) and please stay home if you’re feeling sick.