What to expect when arriving in Delaware

Looking forward to visiting Delaware? While it’s exciting to return, please take the time to plan for these changes before your trip by following these tips and prepare for what to expect by keeping the below items in mind when visiting Delaware in 2020.

Face coverings – When enjoying public spaces from parks to the boardwalk, face coverings are required, so things will look a little different. But you’ll be wearing a face covering too, so you’ll fit in just fine!

Social distancing – Strict social distancing is still in effect everywhere outside the home so please be sure to maintain six feet of distance between yourself and anyone outside the small group you traveled with, even when you’re outdoors, including on the beach.

Handwashing – Keeping your hands clean and germ-free is more important than ever so be prepared to wash regularly and bring hand sanitizer for a more convenient option.

Limited capacity – Stores are just one of numerous business types that are going to have limited capacity for the time being. When you head to a shop, there may be an employee outside counting customers and you may need to wait your turn to go in.

Reservations required – While social distancing is still in effect, reservations are required at all restaurants and once you go in to dine you can expect fewer patrons, tables spaced further apart, paper menus and waiters with face coverings. Historical attractions also require reservations which may involve meeting an employee at the door and sanitizing your hands upon entry. Remember to bring your face covering! Look into your desired destinations at least a week ahead of time to be prepared on what to expect.

Changes in accommodation protocol – Your hotel or rental may reach out to you before your arrival to provide instructions for checking in and out that have been modified due to COVID-19. Housekeeping services may have also been changed so please follow all instructions to make your stay easy.Customer Protection Standards

Support local business – Many small businesses have been closed since the start of COVID-19 so show them some love by opting for local businesses with their unique products and cuisines rather than the stores and restaurants you can visit in your home town too.

Consumer Protection Standards - You'll see many businesses with a shield decal at the entrance that says "Consumer Protection Standards." These businesses have participated in a voluntary program with the Delaware Division of Small Business. The decal shows that the State of Delaware has verified that the business meets a high level of safety standards.

Share the fun – Post photos of your visit on social media for your friends and family to see. Use #delagram for a chance to be featured on Visit Delaware’ Facebook or Instagram!

Most of all, enjoy your visit! Things may be a bit different this year, but there’s still plenty of fun to be had. Follow the new rules and regulations (view them here) and you’ll be just fine!

While we look forward to having you visit, please remember to travel in small groups (your family unit) and please stay home if you’re feeling sick.

It is highly suggested by the CDC that individuals be tested for COVID-19 upon returning home and quarantine pending the results of the test. If you are aware of coming into contact with COVID-19 here is information for testing in Delaware https://coronavirus.delaware.gov/testing.