How to plan your trip to Delaware

Travel in Delaware will be a little different this year. Here are some helpful tips for planning ahead and a few common safety precautions to make your journey even more enjoyable: If you’re visiting, or traveling in Delaware, it's important to do so safely. Bring a face covering to wear in public settings - even outdoors! Wash your hands often - bring some hand sanitizer as a convenient option. Make dining reservations in advance. Practice social distancing and stay home if you're sick.

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Go-to Guide

Get the most out of your getaway by knowing the ins and outs of traveling during COVID-19.
Rest assured about where you rest your head.
Delaware is just as delicious as ever. But as with any good meal, the better prepared you are, the better it will be.
View information about using the beach responsibly

Explore Safely with a Discovery Advisor

Make planning easy with the help of a Delaware Discovery Advisor! Simply fill out this survey about how long you're planning on visiting, your interests and more and a Discovery Advisor will be in touch with personalized trip ideas to jump start the planning process.

Travel Checklist

Pack Essential Items: Stay organized and travel with ease when you have everything you need! Items from face coverings, hand sanitizer, reusable water bottle, and even bug spray will ensure you are prepared.

Schedule Reservations: Of course it’s important to book your accommodations but, please remember to plan other activities ahead as well. While social distancing is still in effect, reservations are recommended at food and drink locations and required in some such as; bar beach service. Arts, cultural and historical attractions may also require reservations. Look into your desired destinations at least a week ahead of time to be prepared on what to expect and book a reservation.

Plan Your Day: To make your getaway hassle-free, take some time to plan your day. From dining reservations to visiting destinations during non-peak times. Weekdays are an ideal time to visit and consider new experiences. It’s always fun to visit our favorite destinations but, try something new to help create more social distancing.


Travel Tips

Here are some additional travel tips and up-to-date information about what to expect when traveling in Delaware.​

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Travel Ideas

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