Why Businesses Choose Delaware

The perfect location for the right price

In Delaware, you are within a 120 mile radius of many of the major metropolitan hubs in the country including 56 million residents, for a fraction of the cost of any of the surrounding states. Commuters and visitors from New York City, Map of DelawareWashington D.C., Philadelphia and Baltimore easily travel by car via the I-95 corridor, by train, arriving at the Joseph R. Biden passenger rail station (WIL) in Wilmington, or by Regional Rail to Claymont or Newark, Delaware. Visitors from around the world find easy access to international air travel as well.

Delaware also has the technology infrastructure for a modern economy. 97% of Delaware residents have access to broadband connections with a speed of 100 Mbps or faster, and the state was recently found to have the second fastest average internet speeds of any state in the nation in a 2020 report by Highspeedinternet.com.

Delaware’s low property taxes, affordable commercial property values, and lower cost of living make it the ideal location for companies and their employees. That is why firms like JPMorgan Chase have chosen Delaware as its Global Technology Hub, and many other of the top Fortune 500 companies call Delaware home. Discover all Delaware has to offer your company as well.

Quality of the workforce unmatched, particularly in financial technologies and life sciences

Boasting some of the top-of-their class universities in the country, such as the University of Delaware and Delaware State University, the workforce of the First State is a leader in many different fields.

University of Delaware NIMBLAt the University of Delaware’s Science, Technology, and Advanced Research Campus, top academics and private sector representation is collaborating to create world class research and innovation networks. The campus includes the newly built NIIMBL laboratory. The university was chosen by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to be the hub of a network featuring a multi-university research collaboration with biopharmaceutical manufacturing firms to accelerate new pharmaceutical developments and commercialization.

Delaware State University (DSU) is paving the way for new discoveries related to ultra-high-resolution imaging and space exploration technologies through the Optical Science Center for Applied Research (OSCAR). DSU offers more than 60 academic paths, from undergraduate programs in the traditional liberal arts to doctoral programs in high-level sciences such as neuroscience, optics and mathematical physics.

In the fields of life sciences and financial services, the state’s workforce is particularly distinguished. The state consistently ranks among the best in PhDs per capita of any state in the United States, and over 32% of the Delaware’s workforce holds a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree.

Delaware businessThe State has worked closely in support of the industry as it continues to evolve from what began as a robust credit card processing function into expertise in big data analytics and has subsequently made the state a leader in emerging financial technologies and artificial intelligence. Most industries from farming to construction, retail to service industries rely on many of the same skill sets. That drives academic institutions to build programming with vigorous standards in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Accessible government that understands what businesses need to grow

Delaware is often known as a “state of neighbors” where elected officials, regulators, residents, business and community leaders work together to move our economy forward. It is a new day in Delaware and officials welcome the opportunity to being accessible, transparent and open to listening. Let us help you build a strong business case with common sense and determination.

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