South Bethany Beach

South Bethany Beach

Surely a candidate for one of Delaware’s “best kept secrets,” South Bethany Beach is the kind of place where the memories of long summers have been sustained through the generations, thanks in part to its water-oriented position near both ocean and bay. This is a town where family-oriented pleasures are supreme – gathering in a rented oceanside cottage for a casual dinner of steamed crabs and corn; grabbing some tackle and heading out for a fishing excursion on the bay; or just strolling and biking along the breeze-washed streets. South Bethany’s proximity to golf courses helps sustain its appeal. Dining and shopping options are near at hand, and most homes are situated just a few steps from some of the state’s widest beaches. 

Travel Advisory: As Delaware reopens, it is important to plan ahead and adhere to safety precautions. By planning ahead, it is suggested to travel in non-peak times to help ensure social distancing. Weekdays or the fall season are ideal times to visit the beaches.

Face coverings are required in public places including outdoors, boardwalk areas and highly suggested on the beach. Strict social distancing of 6ft between anyone outside a family unit must be maintained. Please remember to stay home if you are sick. Delaware will always be here to discover later.

Make sure to review guidelines before arriving at your destination. Some locations may be operating under different capacity or require reservations. If you're staying overnight, locations are following enhanced safety and disinfecting protocol. Common areas such as; lobby, dining, etc. will be at 60% capacity. It is important to remember that gatherings should be limited even in vacation rentals. Strict social distancing of 6ft between anyone outside a family unit must be maintained. 

If you have questions, please complete this form and the Delaware Discovery Advisors can help you plan a getaway with suggestions on what’s open and details on how to Summer Safely. View the go-to guide for more information on travel planning during COVID-19.

If you’re traveling it is highly suggested by the CDC that individuals should be tested for COVID-19 upon returning home and quarantine pending the results of the test. If you are aware of coming into contact with COVID-19 here is information testing in Delaware

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