Birding in Delaware

For birdwatchers it's time to pack your binoculars for a trip to Delaware to catch an up-close and personal look at thousands of birds, both year-round and migratory, who call the state's varied ecosystems their home. With a wide variety of ecosystems across the state, Delaware is home to hundreds of species of birds, many of which are year round residents and others stop in Delaware’s parks and refuges during their annual migration.

Summer Bombay Hook Birds

Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge : Situated on the tidal salt marsh of the Delaware Bay, it was named as one of the nation’s “Top 100 Important Birding Areas” by the American Bird Conservancy. Viewing is easy from the trails, boardwalks, observation towers, and a 12 mile auto route.

Bird at Cape henlopen

Cape Henlopen State Park : Travel further south where you’ll find coast-traveling birds from the rare Piping Plover to several raptor species. September and October are prime months to take advantage of the parks “Hawk Watches” where you can spot up to 10 raptor species in a single day.

Brandywine State Park : Just outside the bustling city of Wilmington, lies Brandywine State Park, filled with walking trails that offer views of the Wood Duck, Yellow-billed Cuckoo, Barred Owl, Pileated Woodpecker and more.

Fort Delaware State Park : Only 20 miles south is Fort Delaware which can be reached with a short ferry ride from Delaware City. The island park also known as Pea Patch Island is home to one of the largest and most diverse heronries on the East Coast, boasting nesting pairs of Great Blue Herons, Great Egrets, Snowy Egrets, and many more colorful varieties.

BlackNecked Stilt Bird

Delmarva Birding Weekends : Explore any of Delaware’s popular birding areas with binoculars on your own or join in a group adventure with an organization like Delmarva Birding Weekends. These guided field trips make for a weekend full of outdoor adventure and exploration.

Delaware Birds & Where To Find Them

Throughout the year birdwatching enthusiasts gather to observe the state’s many bird species in their natural habitats. And with over four hundred species living and migrating in Delaware, there is a good reason why the American Birding…

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