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Dinner is Served: Delaware’s most unforgettable over-the-top dishes

Ready for a Lobster Reuben? How about a PB&J Burger? Next time you’re in Delaware, arrive on an empty stomach, because there are more than a few distinctly decadent dishes that will make you say "WOW!"

Disco Fries
Rudy’s Family Restaurant, Harrington.
Some might say this is “Delaware-style poutine,” but Disco Fries sounds so much more fun, and they really taste good no matter how you say it: “Fries, gravy, and mozzarella cheese. Heaven.”

Fried Deviled Eggs
Bluecoast Seafood Grill & Raw Bar, Rehoboth
Even deviled egg haters have been known to drool over this one: Deep-fried hard-boiled eggs topped with “deviled” filling, buttermilk ranch, bacon, and crispy onions.

Lobster Cheesesteak
Akhibachi’s Halal, Dover
The menu at this delectable halal sandwich shop has all the regular suspects, but one stands out: A Philly-style (?) cheesesteak, but instead of steak, it’s lobster. Get it? Then GET IT!

The Naptime Birria Burger
Thompson Island Brewing Co., Rehoboth Beach
No need to wonder why they call it the “Naptime” when you see it in front of you: A full-pound hamburger topped with chipotle braised beef, mozzarella, cilantro, minced onion and red chile au jus.

The Naptime Burger
Ocean View Brewing Co., Ocean View
Not to be outdone by the preceding “Naptime,” Ocean View Brewing does its own version, topped with a crispy, buttermilk-fried lobster tail, chili crisp, a sunny-side-up egg and (just for good measure), a glazed donut.

Lobster Reuben
Henlopen City Oyster House, Rehoboth Beach
Think of a lobster roll, but with wayyy more attitude and sass. The chef piles house-made lobster salad on rye bread, adds coleslaw and thousand island dressing, then tops it all with gruyere cheese.

Maine Lobster French Toast
Drift Seafood and Raw Bar, Rehoboth Beach
Fans of this creation are nearly breathless: “We are literally still dreaming about it!” And it’s so simple. Take lobster chunks, drape them with butter sauce and crème fraiche, then pile it all on brioche toast. Yum.

Peebee & Jay Burger
Two Stones Pub, various locations
Sure, you’ve had an everyday PB&J. But you’ve never seen anything like this: Take a big burger, slather it with peanut butter and jelly, then throw in some pork belly for good measure. What you get is … deliciousness!

Scrapple and Egg on Bread
Helen’s Sausage House, Smyrna
It’s a Delaware thing: Thin and crispy fried slices of scrapple, lending their meaty support to a sunny-side egg between two slices of bread (toast recommended). Try it, you’ll ... definitely remember it.

Scrapple Cheesesteak
First State Brewing Co., Middletown
Scrapple sandwiches are good, but a scrapple cheesesteak? Even better. This one is slathered with fondue cheese, then topped with sautéed bell peppers and braised onions.

Spaghetti & Meatball Sub
Scalessa’s Old School Italian Kitchen, Wilmington
Why hasn’t someone thought of this before? Just take a regular old meatball sub, add some luscious spaghetti on top, and it’s dinner on a roll (bring extra napkins).

The Tot Flight
Stitch House Brewery, Wilmington
You love those loaded tater tots, but just can’t decide which version to get? Stitch House has you covered with its “Tot Flights,” a serving of all four varieties.