History & Hops Too

Strolling cobblestone streets and standing before historic sites is sure to make one, well, thirsty! Sip, sip, hooray to the adventures you’ll take along the Delaware History Trail by pairing them with a visit to a nearby brewery, winery, or distillery:

Wilmington Brew Works : A unique spot that honors modern day history in Delaware. Hint: Try their Railcar one brew or the Fruits of Eleutherian Mills Cider made from fruits found at Hagley Museum!
Locations nearby: Hagley Museum, Nemours Estate, and Delaware History Museum

Dew Point Brewing

Dew Point Brewing Company : Located in the historic Garrett Snuff Mill you’ll be surrounded by picturesque brick buildings, and brews like a traditional Belgium witbier.
Locations nearby: Auburn Heights Preserve, Winterthur Museum, Garden, and Library

Mispillion River Brewing

Mispillion River Brewing : A spot that just may go down in history for their Electrolyte-infused brews!
Locations nearby: Abbotts Mill Nature Preserve and Downtown Milford

Dogfish Head Brewing

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery : Connect your historic adventures for the day with brews that have paved their way through the National Craft Brew Industry from the iconic Dogfish Head Brewery.
Locations nearby: Milton Historical Society/Museum and Lewes Historical Society

Brimming Horn Meadery : Make a pit stop on your historic journey for a sip of likely the worlds oldest alcoholic drink… mead! 
Locations nearby: Nanticoke Indian Museum

Painted Stave

Painted Stave Distilling : This 1940’s movie house turned distillery is the perfect spot to cheers to checking off another spot on the Delaware History Trail.
Locations nearby: Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge.

Win a prize! : Your cheers-worthy adventure awaits with the combination of DE on Tap and the Delaware History Trail! Complete both trails for a chance to win a prize, or just simply enjoy the pairing of history & hops.