History Trail 101

Let your spirit of adventure lead the way on one of the most intriguing historic experiences Delaware has to offer. Here are some tips to get you started on this historic, one-of-a-kind journey!

Lewes historical Society

What is the Delaware History Trail?
The Delaware History Trail spotlights 29 culturally significant locations throughout the state of Delaware, providing an educational adventure for all ages. For a chance to receive a limited-edition prize upload photos from 10 DE History trail locations..

Location Types:
The Delaware History Trail includes regal estates and gardens, historic riverside towns, coastal landmarks, colonial scenes, and so much more throughout the state for you to visit.

Steps to win the prize:
The steps are simple.
1. Browse locations
2. Plan your visit to 10 sites and snap a photo at each location
3. Upload your photos for a chance to win! 

Finding the Delaware History Trail Sign:
Here is the fun part! The Delaware History Trail Signs are placed at different spots at each location. Set out on a journey once you arrive to snap a photo with that location’s sign!

Old Town Hall Hagley

What else to do on the trail:
Well, as a true historic interpreter would say “I’m glad you asked!” Take your journey to the past to the next level and start making history your own way! We’ve rounded up ways to enjoy the trail with a couple stops to craft beverage locations, by creating a photo bucket list, adding in some fun for the whole family activities and more. Browse the ideas here.

What is the prize?
A limited-edition 100 piece puzzle with photography of trail locations!